Dollfie Dream M bustTest blouse 2

So instead of making the same uniform over and over (and making mistakes at the same time ^^;) I decided to do a basic blouse from a tweaked pattern from my first attempt. Skirt is from previous attempt :3

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Mirai cosplay?

Did some test sewing today on my last day of my break from work ^^;

It is still in testing stage, so a bunch of details are still in need of tweaking but I had fun! :D I also had to do some photoshop fixing on the images :P

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More Mirai Yukino chan!

I might as well keep Yukino as Mirai’s last name ;D!
Today don’t have time to make more than just a test skirt, made it a bit too short tho ^^; so will have to either make a laced edged underskirt or something ^^!

Mirai seems as if she’s a bit embarrassed I made her wear a skirt so short ^^;

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Some test sewing for Dollfie Dream

So today managed to take a few pix before we loose the daylight ^^;  I definitely decided to name her Mirai, after Danny‘s mascot. ^o^! I kept her in the short wig for now because the wig band for lighter wigs is less likely to stain ^^; Also when I make measurements for pattern etc it’s easier.

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Dollfie Dream arrival!

I’ll just say I was weak :P thanks to temptations from you know who you are…. (LOL) I talked about her a lot to my husband so he kinda okayed it so while he said okay I better get her before he change his mind (LOL)! How to resist this beautiful face?
She was purchased from volksusa.

Click on photo below to see a full body image

Being snowed in over Christmas + huge parcel load during the festive season caused a delay for her arrival, but I am really happy that she managed to arrive before the New Year holiday ^O^

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