Finally got around organizing photos from the opening party ^^; Photos and information from official site of the private party can be found here.  Once again warm congratulations to the Winners of the 2009 Blythe beauty contest :)

This is my 2nd time taking part in the contest, but first time in a team with 2 very talented ladies, Yuki, and Mai.

Before I continue posting the rest of the images, I would like to mention that these photos are taken with kind permission from CWC, the organisers of the Annual event.
Images are for non commercial purposes only and are displayed here to bring awareness to Blythe and the charity work she is doing.

The watermark of the URL is only for the purpose of tracing the source where the image is photographed and in no way implying ownership to the design in any form unless otherwise mentioned.

Blythe Character © 2009 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Blythe Character licensee rights for Asia © 2009 Cross World Connections, Ltd.

1) The event location OMOTE SANDO HILLS, there’s a HUGE Jimmy Choo store in it ^^; Was in a hurry so didn’t take a photo ^^;

2) Other than online voting, you could physically go to the exhibition, check out all the contest dolls and do a written vote.

3) One of the activities of the private event is Auctioning off some of the limited Blythes available only thru Lottery either online or in Japan. Proceeds are donated to a chosen Charity organisation – a Thai orphanage this year.

4) I love those huge banners decorating the walls so much! And as you can see there’s many people taking part in the party ^o^

5) I’ll start by posting photos of the contestants, this is the Winner of this year, I am very glad we get to see her in person as even with a great camera (no offence to my husband who had the press pass at the time :P) photos just doesn’t do many of the dolls justice! And by the way she won both Miss popularity and Junko’s Select! :D
Team Name : Primrose
Title : YAYOI
Season : Spring

6) Detail and hard work
Team Name : Primrose
Title : YAYOI
Season : Spring

7) I think my husband really liked her too as I found quite a few photos of her ;)!
Team Name : Primrose
Title : YAYOI
Season : Spring

8) Miss popularity 2nd prize, I must admit that she is one of my personal favorites, she was displayed near the entrace of the show and instantly caught my eye when I entered :) Unfortunately it meant traffic was high around the area which resulted in only one good photo of her ^^;/
Team Name : Lovely Creation
Title : Cordelia
Season : Spring

9) Miss Popularity 3rd Prize, we’re very proud of you Romina!!! Very happy to finally meet this talented girl in person at the contest :D With the hard fight with all the beautiful work this year I’m so happy Arctic Victoria was placed :D
You can find Romina’s beautiful couture at I Have Wings. :)
Team Name : I Have Wings
Title : Arctic Victoria
Season: Winter

10) Team Name :  I Have Wings
Title : Arctic Victoria

11) Team Name :  I Have Wings
Title : Arctic Victoria

12) Team Name :  I Have Wings
Title : Arctic Victoria

13) We were very lucky to meet up with the lovely Mother and daughter team nami* & Chitaki from Yokohama!
You can view their lovely doll blog at Neko no Hitai – ねこのひたい*人形の夢 And they also have a flickr here :) Unfortunately the photos we have of their adorable creation the colours were very saturated, and it’s not very sharp ^^;;;
Team Name : Candy Cat
Title : Cherry Maiden
Season : Spring

14) Team Name : 4-leaf*clover*
Title : Ideal Cherry Blossom Day
Season : Spring

15) Unfortunately lighting was not our friend when this photo was taken, she looks way prettier in person ^^;/
Team Name : monfeen
Title : spring fairy
Season : Spring

16) I love how the lips were painted on this girl! :D
Team Name : Primrose
Title : YAYOI
Season : Spring

17) Our Glacier Lily :D I’ll explain our Team name (LOL), it represents our team very well at the moment, as both me and Yuki are permanent immigrants of Canada, and Mai is still applying, hence she’s the “pending”, we thought it stood out so it stuck XD! I still giggle everytime I look at our team name :P
Team Name : Permanent Immigrants and Pending
Title : Glacier Lily
Season : Spring

18) Unfortunately the photo of the actual doll was very blurry :( but you know, this extra outfit is just AMAZING!!!
Team Name : LuLuHut
Title : Springira
Season : Spring

19) The rose details in her eye chips are just exquisite!
Team Name : hana+na
Title : Rose Festival
Season : Summer

20) Really enjoy the props for this international entry :D It displays so well! Here’s the creator’s flickr :)
Team Name : Conspired
Title : Eydie Harlow
Season : Autumn

21) This little cutie just melts my heart! ^^;
Team Name : Apuricot*Lace*Shushu
Title : Cosmos Closet
Season : Autumn

22) Team Name : Apuricot*Lace*Shushu
Title : Cosmos Closet
Season : Autumn

23) Very nice display ^o^!
Team Name : Hisako&Browns
Title : Hyde Park Hattie
Season : Autumn

24) Team Name : Odette A&E
Title : Autumn Sky Kirara
Season : Autumn

25) Team Name : Hisako&Browns
Title : Melting Frost
Season : Winter

26) Next, we have photos of selected dolls submited for the theme “Fashion Obsession” this year by customizers from all over the world and Japan :) The dolls will go on a tour around Japan and overseas — one of them being Singapore and at the end of the tour they are auction off and proceeds go to a selected Charity.

27) Very glad to see some familiar teams from overseas’ creation! :D
Team Sibley – the Winner of the first Blythe beauty contest, creator of Gentle River :) You can follow them on Flickr too ^^/

28) Another friend and familiar team, BOF with Euro Trash ^o^ She’s on Artfire and Flickr too ;)!

29) This custom is just so beautiful! Unfortunately for some of the photos the name tags are not in the shot ^^;

30) Another eye catching custom

31) Amazing bling

32) Another unknown custom (so sorry ^^;)

33) Wow

34) Gorgeous! And love that tiny mic!

35) Custom by Noriya Takeyama, adorable mushroom themed outfit! :D

36) Group photos

37) Group photos the red head in our right hand side is by LALALALA factory, which is Saki san from Cherry Merry Muffin ^O^! She is one of my favourite blythe customizer and seamstress for all time :D Very happy to meet her again this year, and also her mom who accompanied her as guest :)

38)  Group photos

39) Group photos

40) Group photos

41) Group photos

42) Group photos

43) The custom girl with blue hair is my favourite! Unfortunately the photo we have of her is not sharp ^^;;;; It is an exquisite collaborative creation by three very talented ladies – a framed Illustration by Imai Kira, Custom by Uran, Outfit by HIROKO. She’s extremely cute in person, I squeed a bit when I saw her ^^;

Blythe Character © 2009 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Blythe Character licensee rights for Asia © 2009 Cross World Connections, Ltd.
The watermark of the URL is only for the purpose of tracing the source where the image is photographed and in no way implying ownership to the design in any form unless otherwise mentioned.

I think that’s all for now ^^;/! So, seriously those who are interested to take a closer look at the dolls in person and happen to live in Singapore, remember to check them out at:
Fashion Obsession at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention! (Information from here.)
Dates: 13 – 16 August 2009 Place:Suntec Singapore,
Place: International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Address: 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

16 Responses to Blythe beauty contest 2009 – Fashion Obsession

  1. yamada says:

    so small and cute but few of them give me a creep ==

    • chun says:

      you don’t have to look at the post if they give you the creeps ^^; but glad you think some of them are cute and small :P

  2. FatB says:

    Very fine little details. I can imagine the intense planning to get it just right. I like the eyepatch with little skull.

  3. Tony Rayo says:

    I don’t know who wouldn’t be interested in these dolls, if not for the detailed workmanship shown in each one. Let’s see… I have 2 kidneys atm and I really only need one, so if I sell one of those off maybe I can buy a new compressor for my airbrush (dunno what happened but the PSIs went too high and blew out every piece of hardware) and maybe one or two Dynamite figures… if I get a good buyer maybe I could even afford a blythe doll of my very own (I’ll probably have to thrown in the liver as a bonus).

    *chii*! Great work as always Chun.

    • chun says:

      yikes about the airbrush compressor O_O those suckers are expensive =_=;; I wish dynamite dollfie dreams are not so expensive o_o the secondary market prices are just so exorbitant it’s ridiculous! and thankq :)

  4. rockleelotus says:

    normally i would not be interested in blythe dolls, but wow! some of these are just stunning o.O prolly the first time i seen a blythe doll and thought “cute” lol and the clothes are so detailed and tiny ^^

  5. Syaoran says:

    I still read the article and looked even though I know I’ll have nightmares later! XD It’s the eyes that do it ;;
    #30 & #27 really give me the heebee-jeebees o_o;

    Nice pictures though! Some of the clothing was just amazing(#34, 25, 21) ^^

    I actually am not scared of #21! It’s kinda cute. ^^

    • chun says:

      Thanks for viewing blythe with an open mind :P They’re not for everyone, I think they’re more like “acquired taste” And YES those clothing are amazing, imagine turning the tiny sleeves which can barely fit pinky fingers, right side out when constructing them… ^^;;;;

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