Tutorial: Dollfie Dream Socks – Printer Free Version!

Been a while since I last made a tutorial, noticed that the links to the past tutorials are a bit messy (oops!)

This pattern is made to fit Dollfie Dream, feel free to adapt it for other dolls!
You will need to use light colour fabric or a fabric which you know will not stain your Dollfie Dream.  If you want to use a colour fabric, especially dark color fabric, please test it on a part of your doll which is not normally exposed to check if it stains.

In this tutorial, I used a dark grey cotton knit fabric which I have tested on a spare bust piece I have —  I know for sure the fabric I use will not stain my dollfie dream’s vinyl body. I have bad experience with dark sewing thread (black sewing thread especially), so I am using white thread — also, it is easier to see on photos.


You will need:

  • A Dollfie Dream to lend you her leg (or a different doll if you prefer)
  • Light colour knit fabric (example thin tee-shirt material)
  • Paper
  • Eraser (in case of mistakes, or if you are going to trace with a pen after)
  • Pencil (Optional, a pen)
  • Ruler — if you prefer to make a shorter pair of socks
  • Scissors for cutting out the pattern
  • Scissors for the fabric
  • Sewing machine with light thread (not pictured above) Please use ball-point needle for knit fabric!

1) Position your dollfie’s leg on the edge of the paper as shown below

2) Use the pencil to trace the shape of the leg onto the paper, when done move your dollfie to a safe place :)

3) Smooth out some of the lines with the pencil, mainly behind where the knee is, and behind the heel. Add a 0.5cm seam allowance line overall, at this stage it is optional that you trace the final outlines with a pen, and erase the pencil lines. I skipped that ^^; If you do that make sure the ink is completely dry before the next step.

4) Cut out the paper pattern and place the longer straight part on the fold of the fabric, the “wrong” side of the fabric should be facing outside.

5) Carefully cut around the pattern with the scissors for cutting fabric.

6) Fold the rest of the fabric again the same way (wrong side facing outwards) and cut another piece for the 2nd sock.

7) Sew a zig zag stitch along the “hole” of both of the socks.

You can trim off the extra fabric near the end of the edge if you wish.


8) Fold in the edge of the socks where the zig zag is sewn into the wrong side of the pieces, sew a straight stitch along the fold.

When done, it will look like this the piece on the bottom is showing the “right” side, the piece on top is showing the “wrong” side.

9) Take one sock, fold it with the wrong side facing out matching the end where the “hole” of the sock is, baste the part specified in the picture. This part is actually optional but recommended to ensure that the edges match up when you machine sew.

10) Trim off excess fabric at the edge to reduce bulk. Do the same for the other sock.

11) Starting from the end where the sock is basted start machine sewing  to join the sock. Use the hole where the needle is at the presser foot to gauge where you are sewing — which is about 0.5cm.

12) When sewing around the corners, go slow and raise the presser foot time to time (With the needle in down position), use your right hand to stop the machine or roll the needle into down position before lifting the presser foot to prevent the fabric from moving from it’s position.


13) After the straight stitching completed for both socks, it will look as below, you can chose to turn the socks inside out at this stage and call it done, but I would recommend an extra step.

14) Using the zig zag stitch, finish the edges of the seam allowances.

Go slow around the corners, and do the lifting of pressure foot (With the needle in the down position) when needed.

15)  Almost done!

Turn it inside out :D

Tadah! Hope this tutorial is not too confusing ^^; Haven’t made one in a long time :P

Reward your helpful Dollfie girl by letting her wear the socks ^^/ You can add ribbon or lace details to the socks if you wish :) If you do not own a sewing machine, but have lots of patience and can put up with hand sewing, you can sew the socks by backstitching. See here for a list of hand stitching :)

And yes, this is a pair of “zettai ryouiki” socks :P you can use a ruler to mark the pattern if you prefer shorter socks for your Dollfie Dream girls, or any other dolls you try to make this pattern for ^^/ For a few more Himitsu in a white pair of zettai ryouiki socks as seen below, you can check this past entry :3 Yum!


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