Taiga meets Nendoroids

Thanks Radiantdreamer for hanging out with Nendoroids! ^^ Reminds me how cute Nendoroids are ^^;

Please excuse Taiga’s left eye looking weird :P I wanted to show what a gorgeous day it is!

Nendoroids are so cute!!!

Rin is SO CUTE AND PLAYFUL kyaaaaaaaaa!


Cute spokes Nendoroid… kinda want… must…. resist………

What happened to Rin? O_O

Miku looks cooler in person… seriously, the lens of the shades turn out dark in photos >_<;

Look what Rin picked up ^^;


Taiga had to step on my handbag to reach the table without looking weird :P

One of my favorite shots :P

omake: I realised forgot to take pix of Radiant dreamer’s name card ^^;

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    • chun
      chun says:

      hehee :3 would like to make her a smiling one eventually…. but now gotta catch up with sewing >_<; and nendoroids are cuuuuuute, need to resist!!!! lol

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