Our copy of Otacool – Worldwide Otaku Rooms arrived today ^o^

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More test sewing for Dollfie Dream L-bust

Please take note, this post was made way before we got hectic with our move, so it may look a bit strange :P

Finally got around making some clothes (test sewing) for my girls to keep ^^; It’s getting colder these days and it’s just not acceptable to let my girls go outside without appropriate clothing, so I at least have to start making test stuff ^^;

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Dollfies unpacked

After what feels like weeks/months of packing, we finally moved on the eve of Halloween and only on Monday I could find sometime to take my dollfie daughters out from storage :3

It’s good to have them out and about, even tho my desk/workspace are not ready yet :P We still have quite a bit to unpack/sort but I think we’re making some progress ^^;

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LUTS wigs

A friend and I placed a small order for wigs and a couple items which we were curious about, the order arrived quickly and safely in about 6 working days (not counting weekends). The box is packed with some crumpled newspaper as padding which was removed before the photo below.

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Mirin’s photoshoot

I had been taking pictures of my Taiga custom MDD a lot and neglected my bigger girls a bit now, so when I had a chance to go out to a few places with husband, I grabbed Mirin chan to come along ^o^!

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