More test sewing!

Took some time to do some test sewing between errands and appointments ^^;  I have plenty of stuff/ideas I’d like to make, just not enough arms at the moment ^^;/

Yoshi (one of our furry kids) was very curious what was going on when I was taking photos ^^; Had to stop him from coming too close — Normally keep cats far away from my dolls as cats tend to like to do naughty stuff like try to lick/chew on the wig or clothes ^^; Currently the cats are not allowed in our office where we have wires and materials around ^^;

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Pants for Dollfie Dream

Having some time off this week, so found some time between hanging out with family to work on yet another commission for Danny’s dollfie dream daughters. Please note, this blouse was a test blouse I made a while back, the one Danny commissioned for is tweaked to fit better than my first try. ^^

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Blythe on a cruise

Been a while since I seriously taken some blythe doll adventure pix ^^; When I was on a family cruise I had to bring a girl with me, and Jeannie was the most appropriately dressed for the occassion, so I just grabbed her along ^^;

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Zaku Mania!

One of my personal favorite mobile suits is Zaku (other than Dom) and imagine my delight when my bossfriend came by and showed us a couple new stuff he gonna eventually have in his shop :P

And yes we had fun LOL

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Mirai Maid outfit completed!

…for Danny Choo’s lovely Dollfie Dream musumes – Saber and Aoi chan really ^^;  As you can see, final product is slightly different from the original finalised sketch, but thankfully Danny approves! Just mailed it out today, but got green light to post about this ^o^!

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Catching up

I think Danny was talking to me about a white blouse for his Dollfie dream girls possibly since last year(or early this year), and I only got to finishing it up recently and got it out to him ^^; I really wish I have clones too =_=;/ You can spy it on Saber chan in the 2nd last photo of his article :3 I took a few pix before packing it and really like some of them :)

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Blythe beauty finalist 2009

Glacier Lily
by Permanent Immigrants & Pending (PI&P)

Team members: Yuki, Mai and Me ^O^!

I picked this photo because I took it, and also it is the only one I am really happy with out of the ton I took ^^; the rest of the photos submitted were taken by my team members ^o^/ Read more

Pattern making and test sewing

Working on a commission Gothloli outfit for Danny’s sweet Saber dollfie dream, have to make a pattern which means test sewings for my own Mirai chan ^^;

First make sketches of some design(s)… Get approval… Finalise some details… Certain details may change depending on the type of lace/trims used, but a basic idea is needed to start :)


The process usually = Start making a pattern (if it’s from scratch) with paper over half of the Dollfie’s body, draw some outlines, use tape to secure some area which needs to be tucked in etc. Cut it out, trace as a flat pattern with seam allowance, cut out the fabric pieces needed then sew an actual test item(or more)… Make some mistakes along the way (doh!), trash the mistakes, make corrections/adjustment and make a 2nd try…

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Planting a doll

Having collected a variety of dolls over the last 5 years, I find that Blythe dolls, for some reason always suddenly break my bank. ^^;  Took Betsey, my Heather Sky blythe doll out on a Spring-y Saturday! ^^/ I was only casually (like, not gonna try very hard) gonna get her when a friend kindly helped me find a reasonable source (she know who she is haha!), when this particular doll is doubling in price on evilbay even before the doll is released ^^;

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Mirai goes Cherryblossom hunting!

Needed to run an errand today and since the weather forecast said it will rain on the weekend I decided to bring Mirai chan with me to do some cherryblossom hunting for a bit and I’m so glad I did!  Mirai looks very very moe here no?!

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