Happy New Year to everyone! Hope all of you have a good holiday and an even better 2012! Taiga is looking forward to the year of Ryu XD

Haven’t posted much of Pi chan, I guess I am hoping I can fine tune her face a bit, I do like some photos I took on boxing day of Pi chan tho, which I will share in this post :)

Taiga and Pi chan share the last bit of the yummy cake omiyage from Osaka ^^;

Pi chan makes an adorable Xmas elf no? XD

I like how she seems to have no nose in some of these photos XD

Recently a dollfie friend, Haku1923 got a Parabox 40 cm body for his DDH01 white skin head girl Xera ^o^the skin colour is different but gosh she’s so moesome!

Omake Mokotan and Vivi and the omiyage from Osaka XD

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15 Responses to Happy 2012!

  1. Maridah says:

    So cute! I just love your Taiga ^w^ Happy New Year!

    • chun says:

      Thanks Maridah! Ah I realise I may have forgotten to reply to your comment earlier? o_o I think I read it and then I cannot remember if I replied XP The boots Taiga is wearing, was a gift from my relative in Hong Kong, I believe it was an older release of Doll heart meant for MSD ^^; so not sure if you can find it now >_< sorry! ^^;;

      • Maridah says:

        Oh cool thanks for letting me know! ^_^ They are way too cute, but that’s the way things go in doll stuff. It’s all limited LOL MSD/MDDs have some of the cutest things made for them and wanted one for a while after seeing your taiga posts so Max got me a MDD body for christmas :) I’m hunting for shoes right now LOL

        • chun says:

          I wish they would make it again! It’s so nice and actually helps Taiga stand better since it supports her weak ankles ^^; Congrats on your MDD get XD They’re a lot easier to sew for too :D

  2. Archangeli says:

    Happy New Year! ^__^”

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Happy new year I look forward to another year of Dollfie goodness.

  4. Peter Leong says:

    Awwwwww! The girl are so cute. :D :D

  5. Mio Mio says:

    Taiga and Pi chan >w< both so cute!!!

    Happy new year Chun! I hope you and your family have a great year! ^^

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