Came home to lots of work and laundry to catch up ^^;

It didn’t help that I fell sick when I got back in Canada =_=; This is probably the first piece of sewing I did since I came back ^^;

I had an idea for a while now – ever since the Dynamite body was acquired ^^; I wanted to make an outfit which will show the lovely torso of the Dynamite body ^o^

Decided to take the morning to do  a test sewing ^^

The back of the top still need some tweaking — I had to slit the back to make the cropped top fit ^^; I would also like to make a different type of sleeves for this top just to see how it looks.

Mirai Nyan~~ ^^;/

But at least the front somewhat looks okay no? ^^ Think Mirai really like her gun ^^;

Hope you had a nice weekend! ^^/

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21 Responses to Test top for Dynamite body

  1. Arayden says:

    Hi Chun, who’s DD Dyn body did you swap from :d~~~?

    Can’t wait for my first DD Dyn body too.

    • chun says:

      @Arayden oh it’s a escalayer body, from YJA ^^; which is gonna be your first? Yoko? I’m having Yoko envyyyyyyy :P and she’s not even delivered to the preorders yet lol

  2. yamada says:

    oh my, can I have those top if I have dollfie? ^^;;

  3. DemonickAngel says:

    yeah interesting very.

  4. Tony Rayo says:

    Oops, I meant to say “leap” over large gaps =).

    • chun says:

      Oh! The mini skirt is still in testing stages ^^; I tend to use fabrics which I have more of lol ^^ thanks for commenting! and EBICHU!!!!

  5. Tony Rayo says:

    That mini-skirt definitely says, “I’m a secret agent and need to be able to leave over large gaps, while possibly carrying rescued hostages!”. Although the fabric is also a bit ’80s =p.

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