Met up with a few doll owners on Saturday morning since Archangeli is in town! :D We met up with bluestarbaby, Lightningsabre, Kentaro, Sidney for brunch and a little bit of dolly goodness :3

So tired that morning :P had to wake up really early to transit downtown XP!

Luckily the weather was decent despite a little cold earlier ^^/

I brought Saya with me ^^/

Archangeli’s Annalise with Saya (I had to crop this picture as Saya’s fly came undone and I didn’t notice until I looked thru pix) ^^;

Bluestarbaby’s yosd girl – Lin? Hope you had a Happy Birthday bluestarbaby~!

Lightningsabre’s Meiko lol

Annalise nyan~

Archangeli had a great idea of using the menu to block the sun — to stop backlit effect :3

After the brunch (:9) we went outside to take some photos and burn off those calories lol

Saya, Annalise and Kentaro’s Cirno made an appearance XD

Cirno looks very cute in person ^^!

Meiko joins the group too XD

This photo at the Vancouver cauldron had a funny story :P we were posing our dolls, and then I started taking out umbrella (for shade) and reflector — to reflect light onto the harsh shadows on the doll’s faces), when we were almost ready, a BUS LOAD of tourist came and photobombed us big time lol, took quite a wait for us to get a shot each XD

Change of location XD

Lightningsabre wanted to include this for his Weekly Lily shenanigans on :P I said no LOLOL

Thanks for looking :D!

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12 Responses to Mini doll meet at Vancouver downtown

  1. […] Saturday I was in beautiful Vancouver and met up with puppy52, bluestarbaby, LightningSabre, ItSid8 and Kentaro for breakfast downtown. It was a gorgeous day […]

  2. Nekomimi036 says:

    So nice… Your soo lucky to have the opportunity/or to be able to meet with others people with similar interests.

    You had so much fun there I see, nice photos.

    Sakuya looks great in that outfit!

  3. Smithy says:

    Looks like a fun day out with fellow DD comrades! ^^

  4. All of these girls are super cuties!!

  5. It would’ve been a very tasteful and good Weekly Lily post!

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