Dollfie dream pants coming soon!

More to come over the week!

I am preparing some listings on Artfire, listings will be random from today to next week and will be posted on twitter when listed.  All items will be packed/shipped by 15-16th latest. If you happen buy 2 or more items on different days, extra shipping cost will be refunded~!

Please note: the pricing difference(s) is partly based on time/effort needed to make one up despite the same design — example dark blue cotton pants is priced differently as to change the thread colour many times just to make one pair compared — there’s 3 colour threads used just to make them, white/light blue is used inside, light brown top stitching for outside. The dark blue cotton fabric, after having my girls wear pants made with them for weeks have not stain, but I am uncertain if it will in a humid country/environment, so please be aware and try to check time to time.

Sneak peek ahead!

Dark blue cotton pants for DDII body

Light brown pants in DDII body

khaki pants in Dynamite body

Light brown pants in Dynamite body

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Argh, by the time I saw the listing they were long sold out. Will have to keep an eye open for the next listing. I really wanna get myself some pants after all pants for DDs are quite rare if you ask me.

    These looks nice I liking the blue one quite a bit.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks for your feedback about the blue pair! :) I still have a few pairs in other colours left which I should list over next week, :3

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