Give me an “M”!


Give me an “I”!


Give me a “R”!


Give me an “A”!


Give me an “I”!


What do you get?!


Please note, this “MIRAI” cheerleader pose is inspired by two lovely Mirai cosplayers from Malaysia, with a little of our own spin! XD

LOL hope you enjoyed the little cheer Aki and Saya performed :D Was commissioned by Danny to make a Mirai cheerleader outfit, took a bit of a trial and error to get to this stage, still working on a working smaller hair clip (waiting for bits and bobs to dry) Meanwhile got permission from Danny to blog about it :D

One of the girls is wearing the test version, and the other the final version… :P Can you tell which?

The skirt itself has a lot of pieces as I have to sew many orange/white strips of fabrics together to make it ^^;/

If you guessed Aki was wearing the final verson, you got it right ;)

I suggested a way to make it such that the skirt doesn’t move around too much when the girls are posing/sitting ^^

Was taking pictures of just Aki in the final gear, then thought hmm I should take some photos of two cheer leaders posing together before it’s time to ship it out ^^;

Aki is so cute as a cheerleader ne?


Here we have Saya joining in the fun :3

“A” for “AKI”! lol Thanks for looking :)

Currently don’t have suitable shoes for them so the photos are cropped :P

16 Responses to Dollfie Dream Mirai cheerleader

  1. chii~ says:

    Aki just inspired my ‘new’ haircut, whenever it grows >_<! Great job as always!!!! ^o^v

  2. Ausra says:

    So COOL! Chun, you are amazing!!! =^o^=

  3. carmenxoxo says:

    OMG Chun! What a wonderful job!!!! Saya is so gorgeous as a blonde too!!! Beautfiul work! yay! GOOOOOooooooooo Chun!!!!!!

  4. Smithy says:

    Oh that is gorgeous Saya and Aki together in those cheerleader uniforms, really lovely. Very cute. ♥

    I approve of these cheerleaders~

  5. kuraikawai says:

    kawaii!!! very nicely done Chun xD, I still need to think of a material for the pom poms for me xD

    • chun says:

      Thanks! I was trying to use some plastic material but it’s very hard to get the volume ^^; Look forward to see your version ^^

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