Today I took Taiga with me to go on a retro date with Mai lol, I wanted to meet her Unoa with the new face up! XD

We had a nice time even tho the weather became cloudy after we had a late lunch ^^; Taiga and me were spoilt by Mai who kindly treated us yummy gelato X3

Nom nom nom :D Oiishii kata, domo arigato Mai chan! ^o^

While we waited for our lunch (before dessert lol) Taiga and Unoa chan did a dress swap (yes in public LOL) and we found that it fits Taiga’s MDD body very well!

It looks a bit funny here only cos I put some tissue under the body as a temporary prevention for accidental staining (cos me paranoid lol), without the tissue the dress fits very well ^^/! I think Mai is going to make some for sale in future <3

We were really amused by something we saw near the place we had lunch at XD

We joked about how Daiya is a womanizer! LOL his current love interest is Unoa chan :P I think Mai took a way better shot at this area than I did ^^;

When I took the shot below, I think someone was behind the window looking out ^^; I was a bit creeped out :P LOL

Tsun tsun Taiga <3

I took a snapshot after Mai posed them XD

This was taken in front of a colourful candy store ^^ on hindsight, should have taken her inside the store to take a look ^^;

Fast forward a bit, we walked home in a chilly and slightly windy condition lol Unoa chan relaxed with some tea and dango XD, us humans also relaxed a bit after the food and the walk (But I think it’s more the former lol)

Otsukare sama <3!

For non doll random photos please check here ^^/!

12 Responses to Date with Mai Little Alien – in Steveston

  1. Ex14 says:

    haha taiga grows cuter everytime i see her! what are you feeding her?!?!? XDD

  2. chibinezumi says:

    Its been awhile….But Taiga!! I love her boots ^^ the Unoa couple look really cute and lifelike sitting there. Fall is great isn’t it? ^_^

  3. kuraikawai says:

    oh! taiga has shorter hair? xD
    that dress made by Mai looks great!

    • chun says:

      Yeah! When I made Taiga’s school uniform I realised that her wig was too long, so I took the risk and cut her hair some more :P I hope Mai will make some more in lighter colours lol I want to get one for Taiga! XD

  4. polty says:

    haha Tsun tsun Taiga doesn’t seem afraid of the straw peoples x3

    so many peaceful and quiet locations on your side, it’s so busy here in downtown toronto, it’s hard to bring illya and louise out x3

    • chun says:

      hahaha she can easily kick their butts that’s probably why XD It’s been cold and was a weekday that’s mainly why it seems quiet :) we were lucky we weren’t caught in a downpour lol!

  5. Miette-chan says:

    It feels like it’s been ages since I last saw Taiga. She looks tiny in these pictures, my sense of scale for her it’s all messed up.

    Taiga doesn’t look too bad with Unoa’s clothes. Although I must say I didn’t imagine Taiga as the exhibitionist type XD.

    • chun says:

      haha yes! It’s been ages! I think it’s mostly due to that I make clothes for the bigger girls more often, but I am thinking of taking Taiga to the next doll meet I am going to tho :) I had to knock her out before I undress her ;) LOL

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