Today decided to take Aki with me, since we’re going to Ueno Park :)

Initially I was contemplating to have her wear something else, but thought maybe another time :P

We took the train on off peak hour, so some point in time the JR train was empty enough for me to quickly take her out for some quick photos XD

Hehe, Aki is so cute <3!

The last couple times I went to Ueno Park always felt kinda rushed, this time we took a more leisurely pace, so I was able to take some fairly decent photos I hope :P

Parts of Ueno Park is under renovation and some parts look rather run down, even a little neglected ^^;

But overall it made for a nice background for photoshoot ^^

I thought this was an interesting signage XD

Husband spotted this spot between two huge trees and said it would make a nice place to pose Aki at, and he’s right! It’s perfect :D

I think these series are my favorite ^o^

Thanks for looking, more to come!

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22 Responses to Aki visits Ueno Park

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  2. kuraikawai says:

    Kawaii Aki-chan!!!
    You should have told me you were going to japan, I’d have send you a volks shopping list lol xD. I went to japan just one year ago!!!! *cries* I wish I could go again this year, but I’ll have to wait a bit :)

    Have a lot of Fun!

  3. Romina says:

    That shrine is one of my favorites. She looks lovely!

  4. Shamanweb says:

    Lovely pics <3
    I hope you and your husband feel better and enjoy the rest of the trip :D

    • chun says:

      Thank you! seems my husband is slowly getting over the cold or whatever that he caught XD We’re definitely enjoying the trip so far, it’s quite an adventure :P

  5. irasnyd says:

    You take such great photos! Aki is a lovely girl!

    I recently returned from Japan. These pictures bring back memories. I visited that shrine in Ueno-kouen. That’s so cool! Have a wonderful trip.

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