Aki went out with Ayu today, she took the doll size olympus EPL 1 shared by all the girls (thanks Uncle Alvin and Yu chan) :D Thanks bluestarbaby for coming along with us to hunt for sakura XD

Ayu is appropriately dressed for the occasion! XD

Think Aki is enjoying taking phtos of everything :P

Distracted by my favorite flowers, daisies! lol Oooh… Fan service from Aki :P

Spot the difference?

Hand photo bomb :P

Doll photobomber…

Bombing 2

omake XD Doll balancing act lol

11 Responses to Aki behind the camera

  1. Smithy says:

    Lovely photos! That typical Puppy52 top fashion style is fabulous as always but I like the theme with Aki as a photographer who’s still part of the scene & frame quite a bit.
    Although Ayu in kimono is lovely, such a kimono makes the doll harder to pose.

  2. Heather says:

    I agree with lightningsabre… hehe, it would be funny if none of her photos were in focus -_-;;

  3. Photoboom!

    Should have a perspective of what Aki shot! :D

  4. Bluestarbaby says:

    I want to see the pictures Aki took XP

  5. kuraikawai says:

    kawaii girls! Aki looks like a pro, heehehe

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