Was told by husband that the forecast tomorrow onwards is rain (noooo) so decided to take some quick photos of Aki outside with the frost ^^;

It has been really cold despite the days are rather clear and beautiful, hence the frost in the background ^^;

I made Aki a pair of mittens so I can take these shots outside :P

This mittens has 2 sides :D The striped side is stretchy — to make it easier to put on. The other side is just cute haha!

I think Aki makes the cute side cuter ^^; Kyaaaa!!!

The trees are mostly bare now… kinda sad… but we can see the postal truck from afar easier LOL!

What? We gotta go back now?

Sorry Aki, will take more photos next time!

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23 Responses to Aki and the frost

  1. Akiyo says:

    Kyaa~~ Aki is so cute in picture 5. I am going to update my blogroll for the new year. That is just what I need XD!!

  2. Toel-Uru says:

    What a great fashion ~~~
    gooooooood photos~~~ XD

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Aki looks lovely, I just can’t stop loving how cute she looks with the earmuffs.

  4. polty says:

    aww lovely mittens !

  5. Ovada Bey says:

    She’s so cute! ^~^
    I love her gloves! <3

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