It’s a little strange when I don’t post much photos of the Dollfie dream girls no?

Daytime is shorter these days, and it is hard to take decent photos without natural light ^^;

When it snowed on Thursday  morning, I knew I had to take someone out to take some snow pix!

But first… I needed to make a quick winter jacket ^^; I had an idea with a piece of felt for a while already, just didn’t have a chance to make it ^^;

Unfortunately felt is not a very good material to use I actually accidentally pull some threads out when I was adjusting it… lol I have to find an alternative material sometime >_<

I think it looks okay in photos tho :)

Aki is trying to convince me to buy her a brown wig in this style :P I think I have to do it soon ^^; Or she’ll keep “borrowing” Nyanko/Mirai’s wig lol

So cold taking these shots, it also started to drizzle, ^^;

Aki is a (snow) trooper!

The earmuffs she’s wearing is the first test, before I made a finalised one for the auction XD

Aki is so pretty!


Did not make a snowman, it was too cold and wet ^^; I had to give up after about 15 minutes ^^;

Omake: Love how the branches looks fingers holding the snow XD

I took Aki to a doll meet on Saturday, I’ll look thru photos and post some soon! ^^/

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38 Responses to Aki and snow

  1. coffeebugg says:

    Aki makes my girls envious. she has an excellent and fashionable seamstress for a mum and they have hot humid weather and an unmotivated over-worked former Sithlord for a care taker. T-T

  2. Thegreatmarceline says:

    I can’t find a place to buy a dollfie dream for the life of me. Even when I visited Japan I couldn’t find a place! Would you recommend a place to get one?

  3. hakusora says:

    Lovely Aki and background :3
    I’m a bit jealous because we hardly get any snow here in Tokyo and even if we do on a rare occasion, it leaves the streets all soggy and wet. Not ideal for DD photo shoots^^;

    • chun says:

      Oh don’t be jealous XD it’s same everywhere I think o_o; It does get soggy and slushy too >_< the last 2 times it snowed, they melted off quite quickly, I have to be quick and make sure I can go outside in time before it gets gross XP! New snow is the best! Fuwa fuwa :D

  4. kmyk says:

    aww I love her expression! Her boots are my favourite

  5. polty says:

    it has yet to snow in toronto still !

    earmuffs x3 and that scarf is cute too :3

    • chun says:

      I guess from how you put it it’s unusual that you guys haven’t had snow at this time yet? the scarf I made it a smidge too short so I ended up finding a way around it lol I like how it works like a little collar ^^

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