With a twist for xmas! :P

To make the hat in almost any size, you can check out this free tutorial for blythe dolls I made a while back ^^!

I love Taigaaaa ^o^!

The dress look kinda puffy as I kinda stuffed the stand under the top part of the dress ^^;

It’ll probably look better without the stand under it, but right now I haven’t fixed the problem of her floppy legs ^^;

Taiga: You done yet?! *impatient*

Me: ^^;;;;;

Me: A few more okay? ^^;

Taiga: …. Alright… *grumbles*

I Do have a small tiara somewhere… I just cannot remember where I kept it since the move ^^;;;; Found it! LOL

Bossy girl :P

Taiga at prom nite? ^^;

LOL version ^^;

ETA: OMG It finally snowed! :P Put Taiga to work again ^^;


When I took photos of Taiga I noticed that the snow flakes were showing up on her last minute made cloak O_O!

Took a bunch more and posted them on my art blog if you’re remotely interested :)

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21 Responses to Taiga Miss Contest

  1. kmyk says:

    This set of pictures made me go and find Toradora to watch….

  2. Pinkwing11 says:

    I love her “Last minute made cloak” ^^ Very cute :)

  3. Hnnggaaa! Taiga looks beautiful! Very nice contest dress there, especially the wings. Oh incidentally it may be the first time I actually see the snow flakes. Before they look much too small to me (perhaps I wasn’t wearing glasses before) but now I can see them clearly and the crystals all look different :D

    • chun says:

      lol wings U can buy at dressew in down town for around 2-3 bucks lol and if it weren’t so bloddy cold I will probably be sitting out taking a zillion pix :P

  4. Very cute! The clothes also look quite accurate. Taiga is as lovely as ever :)

  5. chibinezumi says:

    she looks beautiful! love the anime angel dress! and the snow pics are amazing. The little snow princess so sweet!

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