Glacier Lily
by Permanent Immigrants & Pending (PI&P)

Team members: Yuki, Mai and Me ^O^!

I picked this photo because I took it, and also it is the only one I am really happy with out of the ton I took ^^; the rest of the photos submitted were taken by my team members ^o^/

I took part in 2007 the blythe beauty contest with Daisy and Clover, had to skip last year since I was too busy with other non doll related stuff.  For this year, I was very very lucky to be able to team up with 2 very talented ladies,  Yuki and Mai who are like me, immigrants from other countries to Canada!

When I checked my computer and saw the messages left for me before we head out to Ikea, I whooped so loudly to my husband that I’m sure the neighbours heard me ^^;  I had stupidly left my phone upstairs and couldn’t hear it ringing when I was cooking/having dinner…

To view the official site announcement, click image below:

This is the first time I worked with 2 partners  on a custom doll and clothing design and it was a truly interesting and challenging experience — in a really good way!  Each of us had great ideas to contribute and worked really hard to make Glacier Lily come to life :) The experience we gained is priceless, and to be able to get into finals is a dream come true!  This year the announcement was made without an early e-mail notification, so the three of us were totally caught off guard, what a wonderful surprise!

I will write in more details about this project soon! Meanwhile, here are some photos which we submitted.

Quick credits: (hope I didn’t miss anything!)
Rerooting of Glacier Lily’s hair, accessories – silver earrings, silver shoes, silver snowflake pullring, eye chip crystal details, eye lashes by Mai.

Airbrushed make up by Yuki, crochetted cardigan by Yuki, dress direction by Mai and Yuki, final dress design pattern by Yuki. Dress testing by Yuki and Chun.

Little bottle in faux suede texture by Chun. Final dress by Chun (after many tries and testing out different materials lol!), photos by Yuki, Mai and Chun. Portfolio design and creation by Chun :3

Below are photos of the portfolio made to hold the photos, story and contest form. 

Cover of portfolio:

Back of portfolio:

Interior detail:

Photos in the portfolio:

Thanks for looking! :) I hope we win! :P

24 Responses to Blythe beauty finalist 2009

  1. yamada says:

    @chun, the zazzle website you mentioned ^^

  2. chun says:

    @yamada ah which link?

    @Tam thank you :D I am so glad you like her ^^/!

  3. Tam says:

    Wow. I like your girl, even as a non-blythe person. And looking at the other entries… she’s also the only one that doesn’t make me go ick or meh. She’s not silly frilly, and she’s got that touch of whimsy to her that lifts her above the mundane.

  4. yamada says:

    gimme gimme the link chun XDD

  5. chun says:

    @kmyk hehe worry not :) I know blythe is not everyone’s cuppa tea XD I actually am not too into Pulips :P lol! Thanks for rooting for us!

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