Taiga Aisaka make up plan

After seeing the news post on Danny’s site about the up coming Mini Dollfie Dream Louise, I was reminded that I intended to make a customised Taiga Mini Dollfie Dream(MDD) ^o^!  Trying out a computer render on photo of the purchased blank head, wig image is taken from the latest louise MDD photo and tweaked to look like Taiga’s. (very quickly/roughly)  Shall I make an annoyed face or a smirking face? Decisions decisions…

ETA: Sanded annoyed face :P yes I sanded off her lips to lower the mouth, sanded around the nose too ^^; still need tweaking…

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Adventures of Mokotan~

Looks like Mokotan is taking over the blog for a bit ^^; Sweet husband took me out to dinner and Mokotan (looks like this will be her name ^^;) was the dolly stowaway in my bag :P Some food photos ahead!  You been warned!

Slightly non related, silent auction for Mamachapp is ending in less than a day — 21 July Vancouver 10pm, thank you all for your interest and also those for bidding, good luck!

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Dollfie Dream make up test 1

Lookie! Nao Mirai has a sister (maybe?) :3!

The husband got me a blank head as a late birthday present and I finally got around messing with it. It’s a tricky process as I needed to spray a coat as a base to protect the vinyl from being stained permanently, let that dry before I can paint on it etc etc. Had to remove my attempts a few times before I finally got this.  Not sure if she’s gonna keep the look but it’s good for now :)  Her eyes are temporarily stuck on, I need to find some kneadable eraser or white bluetac soon ^^;

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Blythe beauty contest 2009 – Fashion Obsession

Finally got around organizing photos from the opening party ^^; Photos and information from official site of the private party can be found here.  Once again warm congratulations to the Winners of the 2009 Blythe beauty contest :)

This is my 2nd time taking part in the contest, but first time in a team with 2 very talented ladies, Yuki, and Mai.

Before I continue posting the rest of the images, I would like to mention that these photos are taken with kind permission from CWC, the organisers of the Annual event.
Images are for non commercial purposes only and are displayed here to bring awareness to Blythe and the charity work she is doing.

The watermark of the URL www.puppy52dolls.com is only for the purpose of tracing the source where the image is photographed and in no way implying ownership to the design in any form unless otherwise mentioned.

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Test top for Dynamite body

Came home to lots of work and laundry to catch up ^^;

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Moko chan Mamachapp get!

Um most of you may have known by now that we had snuck off to Tokyo and came back :P
The Blythe Doll Contest results are out today! Warm congratulations to the winners! ;)  And thank you all those who voted for our Glacier Lily! We feel like winners already :D:D!

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Dollfie Dream Tee-shirt

I made blythe size teeshirts with iron ons before, and I finally got reminded that I should try to make a Dollfie Dream teeshirt ^^; I wanted to bring Mirai Yukino chan to the Anime Evolution 2009 at the Vancouver Convention Center one of the days, and felt it is only appropriate if I at least dress Mirai in something which I made ^^;/

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Busy dolls

I have been very busy ^^; so there will not be much text :P 2 dolls follow me around during activities…^^;/
Vivi queuing…

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