Pants for the Dynamite body 2

Tested out pattern, tweaked it, then sewn it in a darker fabric which I suspect should not stain, I had a bit of the fabric on her hands and body for a bit and no staining was observed. The ultimate test to do is to put the pants on a dollfie body for a few days to see if it stains ^^;

Day 2 of wearing the pants

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Pants for the Dynamite body

Mirai and Mirin switch bodies once in a while, and whoever gets the dynamite body  had been kinda freezing since I hardly have any clothes which fits that body properly ^^; Finally caved and did a couple test sewing to make pattern for pants for Dynamite body. (What is Dollfie dream dynamite body?)

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Our copy of Otacool – Worldwide Otaku Rooms arrived today ^o^

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 4

Short one this time ^^;

After a busy day of errands, Mokotan felt hungry so we decided to have some snacks at Yaohan before continue to do grocery shopping ^^;

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More test sewing for Dollfie Dream L-bust

Please take note, this post was made way before we got hectic with our move, so it may look a bit strange :P

Finally got around making some clothes (test sewing) for my girls to keep ^^; It’s getting colder these days and it’s just not acceptable to let my girls go outside without appropriate clothing, so I at least have to start making test stuff ^^;

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Dollfies unpacked

After what feels like weeks/months of packing, we finally moved on the eve of Halloween and only on Monday I could find sometime to take my dollfie daughters out from storage :3

It’s good to have them out and about, even tho my desk/workspace are not ready yet :P We still have quite a bit to unpack/sort but I think we’re making some progress ^^;

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 10 – Pumpkin patch

Happy Halloween! This was taken way before of course, I had to schedule it on Halloween since it was about pumpkin hunting :)

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 9 – Steveston

Ara! A pumpkin!

By now I probably won’t have much time to reply to/approve comments, (internet will be limited today) will catch up when we’re a bit more settled in ^^;/

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 3

Mokotan’s autumn adventures :D

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