ETA: Sorry, some comments on this post is lost during a hiccup during maintainence ^^;

Yey! We’re back in business, thanks to my husband‘s help :3

This 1/3 scale laptop and puchi Taiga was delayed for a month plus, when it usually take about a week or 2 to reach us due to the recent postal strike. Thankfully it was not lost in the mail ^^; The adorable crown is by Petite Princesse Placard originally meant for Blythe dolls but fit Dollfie dreams just fine ;)

Princess Taiga got first dibs to use it ;)

Tsuntsun <3

What’s she reading? lol

It’s actually a hand mirror for human, but has a lot of fine details! ^^/ Purchased from Dollfie World :D

20 Responses to Taiga’s Laptop

  1. kiralovesdogs says:

    cute! i like dollfies but they’re too out of my price range. I might get a pullip though.

  2. cgivisionary says:

    Little Taiga and big Taiga are so cute together there. :D Love the scale sized props and stuff. :D

  3. Ah sou… comments are gone, eh? Time to make a World is Mine outfit for Taiga since this is close enough already :P

  4. Mio Mio says:

    XDXD Now I have to buy one for my dollfie dream!!! I’m going to be broke by the end of summer OTL

    Taiga looks so cute >w< I love her hair style and the tiara!

  5. Galamirix says:

    My comments noooo! Also MASSIVE nose bleed! She’s too adorable. I do believe you have found a way to kill me.

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