Aki’s pumpkin

Guess who made me made a pair of new pants to take her out in? ^^;;;;;;

On a nice note I think I finalised the pants pattern :D It’s quite tight tho, have to open the button to sit Aki down in the bag :P
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Aki’s Autumn Adventures

Aki is still a little mysterious, but I learnt that she know how to twist my finger to do things for her ^^;

She’s a little hard to dress (high maintenance?!) as her dark hair tend to make her very washed out in photos, I tried to dress her in a few items before settling on pink again, pink makes her blush and lips stand out a bit more ^o^

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ASCII entry

Danny’s calling for ASCII entries for doll owners ^o^ I took the opportunity to take Aki out for photoshoot! ^^

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I was inspired to dig out most of the wigs which I own to try on Aki (Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream).

1) I trimmed the pink wig which she was wearing in the previous post ^^;

Thank you Motoko Yamamoto for pointing me out to the link I lost!  The link where Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream was trying out many different wigs XD

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