I brought Aki with me to visit Odaiba Gundam! ^o^!

We visited the life size Gundam before when it was just built, at a different location of Odaiba in 2009 :D

These photos are not by chronological order, the next few sets of photos had way too much for me to go through in one post, so I picked a set which is a bit more manageable ^^;

It was a rather hot muggy day when we went to visit Odaiba Gundam ^^;

Not complaining though, as at least it wasn’t grey and cloudy or worse, rainy. ^o^;

I think there was some type of event happening and a mascot of I’m guessing, a seagull, is being positioned close to the Gundam XD

We could have visited Gundam when we went to Dollpa, but seriously, we were really tired after a full day in Dollpa ^o^; Found a spot in the shade to pose Aki on :3

Omake: there were a couple strong gusts of warm (yuck) wind which made a huge mess of dollfie wigs ^^; And yucky dust clouds (Ack!)

Thanks for looking! :D

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11 Responses to Odaiba Gundam at Divercity

  1. chibinezumi says:

    I love the outfit and how she looks like a tourist!(a very stylish one)(^_^) The Gundam is very impressive!

  2. otakusan says:

    Aki and Gundam O(≧∇≦)O what more can a guy ask for ^^

  3. Jiro says:

    That last 2nd shot. Even though winds can be a hassel but it give a very natural feel. So mesmerizing :D

  4. Lucky Ookami says:

    Looks like you went when there wasn’t any crowds. That is great timing!

    2nd to last shot is one of my favorites. I think I mentioned this in another post, but I really like the wind blowing through her hair. Looks good, especially the tips which have a slight motion blur to them. But I’m sure it was a tough shoot and the dust clouds don’t sound pleasant at all.

    • chun says:

      We went on a weekday that’s why! The 2nd to last shot is one of my favorite too, that’s why I posted it despite the crazy messy hair lol! :D

      We encountered even crazier winds and dust storms one of the days before I think, I had to wash Aki’s clothes after we got home as we were all covered in a layer of dust (yuck!)

  5. Kuraikawai says:

    argh! we missed the gundam it was too far for us to go there at that time >_< i'm sure Aki took good photos too ^^

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