Puppy Love *Frilly Summer* set for Dollfie Dream M-bust

23 April 2013: Items has been shipped :D Feedback left and tracking sent to winner. Thank you so much!

21 April 2013: Auction ended! Speedy payment received! Items will be packed soon and shipped latest by tuesday, any sooner winner will be informed asap :) Thanks everyone who bidded!

Can you can recognise the inspiration of this frilly assemble? :P It’s not exactly the same tho ;) I decided to include some other items along with the frilly set, not the school uniform from the anime series tho :P Aki looks so cute in it… make it hard to list it =_=;

Auction includes:

1) Frilly top made with a polka dot cotton fabric from Japan and pink cotton, white cotton has been used to line the inside of the bust piece, close at back with a pair of clear snaps. A “skirt” which closes at the back with metal hook and loop in the same material to be worn over the panty included. Decorative pink bow is hand stitched to the front of the skirt.
2) White blouse carefully made to fit M-bust DDII/DDIII body. Puffy sleeves, pointed collars, close in front with dolly velcro. can be worn tuck in or out.
3) decorative bow to be worn under the collar of the white blouse, closes at the back with metal hook and loop.
4) Gathered skirt in a pink and dark purple plaid material which closes at the back of the waistband with a pair of clear snaps. The skirt is sew in white thread on the inside. While this fabric should not stain, please check time to time just in case!
5) A white underskirt with elastic waistband – not pictured will be included.
6) White thigh high socks with plaid bows hand stitched in the front of each sock.
7) Blue polka dotted white panty, which is meant to be worn with the frilly skirt part of the two piece mentioned in (1)

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