I wish I could say she’s mine, but she isn’t lol!

Had the pleasure of having a friend’s Miki Hoshii Dollfie Dream Sister — who was named Afuu, come over to try some clothes — her part time job (arubito) ? XD

I was really curious about her special one piece torso, and Afuu chan also needed some new clothes, so I asked her to come with her Papa to help me out with something :3

Afuu looks cute in a short wig ^o^ (she’s just borrowing the bikini top LOL)

Then we tried her default wig on her ^o^

Mmmm shita pai (Underboob >_<!)

Afuu was wearing heels so Nyanko appears a bit shorter (Nyanko was barefoot)

I think we like her the best in the outfit below ^o^ Afuu chan is working the shorts well :D

She looks great in pink! :D

Question for DDS owners: Is there a way to make the legs closer together? ^^;

Wig change~

Below she is wearing a more fitted jeans I am working on, for DDII/DDIII body, I have to adjust the length for DDS I think?

Thanks for the hard work Afuu chan! And thanks for bringing her over to help me out TCM :3 Please come again sometime with Afuu LOL!

15 Responses to Miki Hoshii Dollfie Dream Sister

  1. Kira says:

    Uuuwaah! I think the slightly-too-long jean look is so cute on DDS!

  2. carmenxoxo says:

    Oh why did I have to look at this???? Love Mikki now!!!! Striped tee is amazing chun!!!!

    • chun says:

      She’s so cute isn’t she! :D Glad you like the striped tee, it was super stretchy so the back was hard to line up >_<; that is why I wasn't making any more to sell lol

  3. She’s such a cutie… and oh my is Alna super jealous. She didn’t even know “Clothing Model” was a job a doll could have. LOL!

  4. Smithy says:

    Very cute Miki DDS! Do prefer her in blonde though. ^^

  5. Stella says:

    What a great eye candy! Very lovely pictures of gorgeaous dolls, my first (a nude Saber Extra from DoA) is still with the customs but comes home next week I hope. This kind of pictures help me to not pay too much attention to the wait and give me ideas how to dress Saber. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend!

    • chun says:

      Congrats on your Saber Extra :D She’s really cute, I’m sure you’re waiting impatiently for her to arrive :) I love dollfie dreams in casual wear, they make everything look fabulous XD Have a great weekend too :D

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