Taiga Aisaka goes out 6 – Richmond Oval at night

Almost forgot that I have this bunch of photos on backlog ^^; I wa hesitating about taking her out at night as a lot of my photos of dolls taken at night does not always turn out very well.

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 5 – Chinese Garden Vancouver

I took her out a lot between errands for our new home, so here’s another bunch of pictures via slow release :P

Note: for this camouflage printed jacket, the black part stained Taiga’s neck after she wore it over a few days ^^; just want to make a mental note of it so I won’t let her wear it without something inside next time ^^; So if I ever make something with it in future I’ll definitely have to line it o_o;

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 3

This time Taiga makes a quick trip down town with us ^^;

Before I left the house I realise that Taiga can wear the skirt I made for the bigger dollfie bodies due to the elastic waist band ^^

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Mini Ball joint doll meet

Mini meets usually means like dolls belonging to a couple people are involved lol! Thanks Mai and Nurie* for popping by to visit with your dolls! :D

This Rilakkuma head belongs to my boss ^^; I want one too! But unfortunately I don’t think they make/sell these anymore *pout*

There are a variety of dolls in this post, including blythes so you’ve been warned :P

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Taiga Aisaka goes out 2

Brought Taiga to work yesterday ^o^

I was almost not going to, but the weather was spectacular compared to the last 2 days of non stop rain.

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Clothes and Parts for Mini Dollfie Dream

I decided to swap Taiga’s hands for the bigger Dollfie Dream size hands as I noticed that the part where we pop the hands in are similar in shape and size.
Here, she is using the DD size DDII-H-03 hand (Pointing Hand)

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Taiga Aisaka goes out

Took my Taiga custom doll out for some pix :) managed to find some existing clothing for my other doll which fits her ^o^!

Picture above is actually taken by my husband, I think it is my favourite of the lot!

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Taiga Aisaka

Ara? Who’s this shorty? *gets beaten up* x_x

Finally my Taiga (from Toradora!) Mini Dollfie dream is completed! ^^;/ To see some progress for painting the head you can check out this entry – Painting a 3D head on my art blog. :) This entry here is mostly for the completed doll :)

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