Had a most awesome time with bluestarbaby of bluestardolls and navci of 2 of Hearts today.  Luckily we believed the right weather forecast, even tho it turned out a bit hotter than expected ^^; I brought Pi-chan since she didn’t get much outdoor time I feel ^^;/

And yes that’s a new outfit for her, made it the day before cos I felt guilty ^^;;;

I think the bow is a bit huge but I guess I can do a different one later :P

Glad I brought the little bag (meant for the Dollfie Dream girls) cos it looks adorable next to the human size bag XD

In the bright sunlight I find imperfection with my custom work ^^; doesn’t show up on photos I think ^^;

We took some photos at the Richmond City Hall ^^ Too bad the flowers were mostly pfft lol!

bluestarbaby‘s Ayu (Neris) stole the show time to time ^^; you can see moar photos at her flickr ^o^/

Happy to spot some cute wild daisies, I love daisies!

Pi-chan took shelter under the statue of a huge horse ^^;

Things started getting a bit out of hand…


navci’s adorable Tomato! Pi-chan like her a lot, so do I XD <3!

navci’s little heartbreaker… I cannot pronounce his name ^^;;;

Doodoo on heads :P

Ayu chan is so hot!

Omake! XD

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32 Responses to Mini doll meet with bluestarbaby and navci

  1. Such a nice horse for giving us the opportunity to see a panchira :P And you wonder why no boys allowed, hahaha.

  2. kiralovesdogs says:

    Pi-chan is cute again. i like her outfit!

  3. cgivisionary says:

    You’re right about Ayu-chan, too. Would you mind asking what type of blue eyes those are? I want a pair. Thx. :D

  4. cgivisionary says:

    Awwwwww! Little Pi-chan looks adorable. So cute. :D

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