Hope everyone had a nice April fools! Ours was gorgeous! ;) Good news is – The contest is still going on! And my girls will throw in a second pair of brand new pantsu (photos of that one later this week) to celebrate our page hits beating last’s year’s page views record ;)! So one winner will be selected by random.org, the consolation prize will be someone with the most creative use of the pantsu!

The main joke really is… just that the “used” part is not as ecchi as it is intended to sound like… ^^; My girls has many uses for their pantsu other than the usual boring way ;)

My girls decided to offer one of their used dollfie dream pantsu as a prize for this special day (will fit DDII or similar size body – DDs, DDIII)… (Note: they’re like brand new, never been worn outside, sealed in a clean zip lock bag unless you want the one Aki was playing with… LOL)

To participate you have to:

1) Own a DD girl, link me your flickr or your blog or even figure.fm profile with your dollfie dream girl(s), please do not use other people’s dollfie dream photos, you will be disqualified!

2) Make a comment on how your girl will creatively use this pantsu, for example how Danny did it in this post AND a photo of your dollfie dream, preferably a DDII or similar size girl which you will present the pantsu to…

My girl Aki will share the used pantsu with her DD sisters

I will number each comment and at the end of the deadline randomly pick a winner to send the used pantsu to with regular letter mail from Canada without insurance. ^^; So make sure your e-mail is a working one so I can contact you to ask for your shipping address! As a bonus, a link of a photo of one of my girls wearing the pantsu will be provided if you like (ahem).

ETA: Some of you did not include a picture of the girl which you intend to present the pantsu to – don’t have to take a new one! I will combine your comments if you link it as a reply to your own comment :P I will be lenient this time round ;)

Comments may need to be approved before it will show up, as Danny like to put it, Arms installations complete!

I will announce a winner sometime later this week ;) I may extent the deadline to over the easter weekend to give more time for creativity! ;D

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52 Responses to Win a DDII pantsu contest (contest ended!)

  1. Otakusan says:


    Asuka will have Eva Unit2 strapped to a pole and shoot pantu at him like elastics XD


  2. Haku1923 says:


    My Nagisa-Sora is looking for an eye-patch to complete her cosplay…will you help her out? ;3


  3. Smithy says:

    Tsukiko-sama demands you bring her Aki’s used pantsu!
    Tsukiko on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40588969@N06/6854197208/

    *whispers* No good will come of this! Save yourself Aki before you fall into Tsukiko’s yuri trap!

  4. (>0 ,0)> says:

    I wanted to enter yesterday but I don’t have a blog or Flickr. SoI felt defeated and didn’t bother. Then I saw your new post today saying you didn’t have to have either! Which is good. Here is my figure.fm profile. http://www.figure.fm/profile/en/alyssatmoore/
    My girls would love ANY type of pantsu since they have none! Every time I take them out people look right up their skirts. D; So used or none used would be a great help. Plus all the up the skirt photos imaginable without it being xrated! :D Plus I can take them out properly. ^_^
    (Espically in the wind) DDDD;

    • chun says:

      Figure.fm profile would work ;)! It’s mainly to confirm that you’re active and actually own a dollfie dream or 2 LOL! Thanks for sharing :D:D

    • (>0 ,0)> says:

      I seem to have over looked needing a photo. Much apologies! I’m not doing so well on the contest.. o(;△;)o Here is one of my gals Harumi on my recently made Flickr account.

      Just the simple fact is that she would wear them without the fear of someone seeing her “lady area”, since she currently does not own a pair. D: And of course on those somber drinking nights a sleeping mask. (~。~;)

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