Sakura hunting with Himitsu~!

The weather turned out quite nice on Saturday afternoon and we decided last minute to go Sakura hunting and got bluestarbaby to come with us.

Himitsu and Hitomi on a date? lol! Himitsu and Hitomi hung out before XD

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Micro mini meet with mailittlealien

Thanks for hanging out Mai chan! ^o^ It was good to see you and your doll folks, and I still cannot get over how beautiful your Momiji Momoko chan is in person — my photos does not do her justice AT ALL O_O

Seriously, she’s like 300% more beautiful in person I swear!

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Taiga Aisaka custom version II

I have always admired the custom heads which is often featured in the Japanese blog: 伝達戦士コクチバンR (Galaxy Police) — they were what inspired me to make my own Taiga Aisaka custom Mini Dollfie dream.

I had been meaning to make a version II of Taiga’s head for a while now, and after I discovered some custom eye option, I decided not to wait any longer, heads were purchased (Thanks again Nicole!) and work was started when the weather became more suitable ^^

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New girl and secret project reveal!

What??? A new slav… I mean girl?! ^^; Let’s just say it was a little unexpected…

How did that happened?! Read on to find out ^^;

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