Happy Puppy52 buttons!

Vivi looks a little overwhelmed? ^^;

Got my order of buttons from six cent press today! I think they are a nice size for dolls :3

Do you like pink or blue? :P

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  1. Nekomimi036
    Nekomimi036 says:

    Now I don’t know what of them is cuter… The buttons or the Dollfie? >< But, after think about -I prefer the dollfie (with the buttons). ^ ^ /

  2. Yoshimaru
    Yoshimaru says:

    i love the blue one but lol im inclined to blue, side Q:what are those really small almost doll sized dolls the cute one in the first pic? ^^:

    P.S do u know anything about making extremely cute leg warmers for dollfies lol^^

      • Yoshimaru
        Yoshimaru says:

        lol thanks but ummm i tried google for the leg warmers and lol i kept getting those long sock things u made a tutorial about(thnx for btw ^.~) lol so ill do w/o for nao^^

  3. OtakuDepot
    OtakuDepot says:

    Very cute! I love both, a choice of colors is nice depending on the outfit she’s wearing but I think I prefer blue a slight bit more as well.

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