Adventures of Mokotan~

Looks like Mokotan is taking over the blog for a bit ^^; Sweet husband took me out to dinner and Mokotan (looks like this will be her name ^^;) was the dolly stowaway in my bag :P Some food photos ahead!  You been warned!

Slightly non related, silent auction for Mamachapp is ending in less than a day — 21 July Vancouver 10pm, thank you all for your interest and also those for bidding, good luck!

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Dollfie Dream make up test 1

Lookie! Nao Mirai has a sister (maybe?) :3!

The husband got me a blank head as a late birthday present and I finally got around messing with it. It’s a tricky process as I needed to spray a coat as a base to protect the vinyl from being stained permanently, let that dry before I can paint on it etc etc. Had to remove my attempts a few times before I finally got this.  Not sure if she’s gonna keep the look but it’s good for now :)  Her eyes are temporarily stuck on, I need to find some kneadable eraser or white bluetac soon ^^;

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Moko chan Mamachapp get!

Um most of you may have known by now that we had snuck off to Tokyo and came back :P
The Blythe Doll Contest results are out today! Warm congratulations to the winners! ;)  And thank you all those who voted for our Glacier Lily! We feel like winners already :D:D!

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