Mirai travel buddy ^o^

Been a while since the last blog ^^;

I was really busy as I had a long awaited trip to prepare for… and Mirai accompanied me! ^o^ And yes I’m in a rather hot country…

It’s been so long since I last return to Singapore, so even though it is the end of the year — considered a cooler period in Singapore.

The temperature difference between Singapore was at least 20 + degrees… In fact over the first weekend I was away from Vancouver it actually snowed in Vancouver… ^^;

Someone actually asked to take a picture of her when we were taking pictures of the Merlion XD

Luckily I was able to take photos outdoors a little bit :3 It was really muggy and threatening to rain x_x

Many things have changed but some of the places still feels familiar :)

I think Mirai had fun! XD


Wondering around residential area early in the morning :3

Hop scotch! :3

I will be attending AFA Singapore to check things out ^o^ I will actually have very limited number of bikini which fits Smart Doll M and L bust, and DD L bust available if anyone is interested ^^; They will cost $34 SGD ^^/ Or if you wish to pre-order from me in person I will accept some, but will need to add shipping and may only start end of December when I return to Vancouver ^^;

Thanks for your continued support and hope you’ll enjoy photos of my trip :)

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Singapore must be nice, I also would like to be there someday. Mirai looks great in this scenery, the closer shots are really nice ♡

    “Someone actually asked to take a picture of her …” Thats not too surprising, considering her stunning look ;)

    The L bust gives her a rather different look when I compare it with my Mirai ^^

    have fun there

    • chun
      chun says:

      Singapore is so hot and humid! Hahahaha but some things are nice – can get around relatively easy without the need to own a car, lots of shops and food accessible.
      Hehehe and yes the L bust…. XD I like the curves it gives her lol I should have brought along her S bust as it looks nice with a teeshirt too :)

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