Mirai in the Snow

Took Mirai Yukino chan out for an impromptu photoshoot on Sunday when my friend bluestarbaby kindly offered to take me along when my husband was having a hair cut lol!

Really glad we went despite the cooooooooold, the sky was so pretty it’s will be a waste if I did not go ^^;

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Doll Meat Richmond Jan 2012

Went to attend a doll “meat” last Saturday :3 It’s been a long time since my last one ^^; for all the photos in a set please check this link out! I brought Airi and Taiga with me this time ^^

I will feature some photos I liked on this blog post :)

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Aki in Akihabara

When NagatoPyon posted her photos of her adorable Yumi chan with the adorable flock of Alpacas in Akihabara Volks Show Room, I was reminded that I haven’t posted photos of Aki with her photos taken there, so here they are!

These photos were taken on the same day as when we went to Ueno Park on (18 Nov 2011) :)

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Animetic eyes

Bought some blue animetic eyes from volks store during our trip last year and decided to change my first dollfie dream — Mirai (Yukino)’s eyes :D looks like I didn’t aligned it properly lol!

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Aki in Inokashira Park

Okay sorry for the delay in getting back to posting whatever’s left of photos taken in Japan ^^; (28 Nov 2011) seems like this was the last full day we have before we left Japan ;_;

Must… save… up….. Must… go… back!!! >_<;

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Happy 2012!

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope all of you have a good holiday and an even better 2012! Taiga is looking forward to the year of Ryu XD

Haven’t posted much of Pi chan, I guess I am hoping I can fine tune her face a bit, I do like some photos I took on boxing day of Pi chan tho, which I will share in this post :)

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