Taiga Aisaka goes out 12 – Steveston

Was meeting a friend in Steveston so took Taiga along, think she had a nice time :)

This bench Taiga’s sitting on is a little smaller than the one we normally see in public, I had been meaning to take a photo of it with my dolls on it for a long time, very happy I got to do it today finally XD

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Dollfie Eyes

My friend kindly came out to let me try some urethane eyes from Enchanted Doll Eyes on Mirin :)

I’ve always been rather curious how they look on Dollfie Dreams. The blue eyes in the photo below is Mirin’s default eyes :3 (Animetic Eyes / F Type / Bright Blue (RURI)) the other 2 are some spare eyes which my friend kindly brought out for us :)

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