Aki overload ^^;

The days are getting shorter, and I am having less light for photographs. Since Aki is the newest in the family she doesn’t have as much photos as the other girls, so I am trying to get as many photos of her as possible before I loose all optimal natural light ^^;

Aki is wearing a test shirred dress (3rd attempt), inspired by a jamfancy’s human size shirred dress :D I have some other ideas for this style, so hopefully it will come into fruition soon!

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Pumpkin Pais

Yup… what the title sayz LOL

I was going to take Aki out but felt that Nyanko was more appropriately dressed, the lovely jeans from Mai Little Alien is great for outdoor romping :) Plus, Nyanko’s pais model that new peasant top design really well don’t you think? ^^;

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