15 august 2011:  Baby Sailor blythe dress shipped~!

I am currently testing out a shopping cart system which will allow me to sell my doll clothing here!

So currently a couple blythe doll dress is in stock, one Dollfie Dream item is listed as “out of stock” at the moment. I am preparing items for sale of course, but it means the shop will be a bit empty as I do so.

It’s quite a bit of work to finish the sewing(ssss), take some product pictures, edit them, write up description….. you get the gist ^^; When everything is ready I will post or tweet about it! ^o^/ Thanks again for your patience and continued support!

If you like you can click around to check it out, feedback is welcome! :)

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7 Responses to Soft Launch

  1. JuleBear says:

    Do you have to sign in to see the products? Couldn’t see a spot to do that.

  2. Tom in AZ says:

    Who did you acquire the shopping cart program from?

  3. Traveller says:

    Got to agree with Heather, very easy to navigate.

    It is also very fast to load which is a major plus.

    Now I just have to wait like everyone else and wait and see what goes up in the DD section as you have made some very impressive stuff which I wished i could had brought at some time.

  4. Heather says:

    Pretty darn easy to navigate… now I just have to anxiously await things to go in stock!!

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