We were very lucky to have a friend and her kind husband take us to Kamo Iris garden and really lucked out on the decent weather and the lack of crowds when we went!


Here’s the official japanese website of the Kamo Iris Garden ^^/

Currently the Irises are out of season but this place has a greenhouse which feature selected plants indoors.

This time it is diamond lilies which has a beautiful sparkle in the sunlight (which can only be better seen with the naked eye)

We (or at least I lol) gasped when we entered the greenhouse/garden, the overview was spectacular, it was like stepping into a beautiful dream!


There are some older type Japanese villa which is open for viewing at with an entry fee.

We have to remove our shoes to get in and pictures are allowed ^^ They even serve amazake 甘酒 near the entrance, and the obachan who tended the area was very kind :)

This area could had been the guards or servant’s quarters

As it was rather windy (VERY windy LOL) outdoors, most photos are taken indoors XP

This area was surrounded by walls so not as windy ^^

These little statues were for sale I think, there’s a little tag behind/beside them which states the price XD

More later XD Thanks for looking!

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9 Responses to Aki at Kamo Iris garden

  1. Smithy says:

    Oh that traditional house looks fab for some DD photography, nice!

  2. Innocentsake says:

    Aki and Taiga looked like they had a great time at the gardens which are very beautiful!

  3. chun says:

    It is! We were so lucky! XD I should have dressed Aki in a yukata or kimono tho LOL

  4. chun says:

    XD thank you and yes!

  5. Annie says:

    Very cute pictures! But Aki didn’t take her shoes off inside :O

  6. chun says:

    She did most of the time, I cropped her feet off when she did :P

  7. Pinkwing11 says:

    Wow! Really lovely ^^ The flower pictures are amazing!

  8. Daisy says:

    Ah~ your girls are having a good time! Beautiful photos too ^^

  9. chun says:

    Thank you :D:D

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